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Compact La Pavoni "Pub" Commercial Espresso Machines

La Pavoni "Pub" Compact Commercial Espresso Machines

As you can read in our article on La Pavoni, La Pavoni started the commercial espresso machine industry in 1905. Since then, La Pavoni has been providing high quality commercial espresso machines to the European market. Now you can get the same Italian commercial espresso machines in the U.S. from TheCoffeeBrewers. The "La Pavoni Pub" line of commercial espresso machines features a very compact design done in 1 and 2 group configurations. These espresso machines are designed for smaller volume commercial use, such as in pubs, and bars; they are not meant to handle the volume of a Starbucks.

Scroll past the product links (immediately below) to see the features of this line of commercial espresso machines, and to read the specific details of what the purchase price does and does not include. We will also explain the other things that you will need to do and/or buy to get your machine installed and operational. This way, you will have a very good idea of your total costs, and of the likely schedule required to ship and install your espresso machine. We do not want you to have any surprises in this arena. Please call before ordering so that we can assure you (or not) that we have the espresso machine of your choice in stock, and so that we can give you a good idea of how quickly we can get it to you.

The La Pavoni Pub line offers three models. First, there is a 1-group "pourover model" (meaning that it is filled with water manually, and not connected to plumbing) called the 1EM. The pourover is a semiautomatic espresso machine. The 1EM offers an extremely attractive price point for the smaller shop. The next two models are 1-group and 2-group fully automatic models. Both of these connect to a water line.

The 1-group espresso machines run on standard household voltage (110-120 Volts), but the 2-group espresso machine requires a 220-240 Volt outlet. Any of the three models can be ordered in Candy-Apple-Red or in glossy Black.