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Espresso Machine Accessories and Coffee Bar Supplies

These are the various accessories that you will want (or need) to use with your espresso machine and coffee equipment to make various espresso and coffee-based drinks. Note that "Frothing Equipment" (frothing pitchers, thermometers, etc.) has its own section. So do "Cleaning Supplies," and "Coffee Bar Supplies," and several other sections: "Cups," "Carafes," "Airpots," "Syrups," etc. If you don't see it here, check the list in the left margin.

But if you are getting an espresso machine, You should look here to see whether you will want or need any of these items. You should also check the Cleaning Supplies and Tools section.

Self-Stirring Thermal Coffee Mug (Takes 2 AAA Batteries)
Sale price: $16.95
4 oz. Styrofoam Espresso Cups & Lids (Pack of 64)
Sale price: $8.95
Hourglass Tea Timers Give You 3, 4, and 5 (ergo 1 and 2) Minutes!
Sale price: $12.95
Black Plastic Reusable Demitasse Spoons (25  4-inch spoons)
Sale price: $2.75
Tall Barspoon for Swirling in Syrups & Whipped Cream
Sale price: $2.95
7.5" Iced Tea Spoons (Set of 6)
Sale price: $8.95
Battery Powered Milk Whisk
Sale price: $11.95
Cappuccino Condiment Shakers & SetsStainless Steel Cocoa & Powdered Sugar Shakers
Drip Trays for Service (6") or Your Desktop (4.5")
Sale price: $6.95
Adhesive Stick-On Timer to Calibrate Your Espresso Shots (3.25" X 2.25")
Sale price: $9.95
Clip-On Timer to Calibrate Your Espresso Shots (2-5/8" square)
Sale price: $11.25
SALE: Sugar Packet Holder (Chocolate, Black, or White)
Regular price: $1.49
Sale price: $0.75
Chromed Sugar Packet Rack (4.5" X 5.5")
Sale price: $4.95
Jura Cool Control Milk Cooler
Sale price: $229.00
Joe Frex Wide Coffee Bag Clip
Sale price: $7.95
Full Sized (12 oz.) Barista Squeeze Bottle for Latte Art
Sale price: $2.25
2 oz. Shot Glass  with 1 oz. Line to Callibrate your Espresso Shots
Sale price: $2.95
3.7 oz. Espresso Glass for a Double Shot (the Doppio)
Sale price: $4.95
Double-Walled Glass Espresso Cup (80 ml. = 2.7 oz.)
Sale price: $7.99
4 oz. (125 ml.) Erlenmeyer Flask to Callibrate the Doppio
Sale price: $4.95
Plexiglass 4-Compartment Tea & Condiment Organizer (5" X 7")
Sale price: $12.95
Condiment Tray
Sale price: $19.95
Condiment Organizer
Sale price: $78.95
Condiment Organizer Tower
Sale price: $129.00
Magnetic Labels for Metal Servers (6 Labels)
Sale price: $14.99
Set of 6 Rubber Band Labels for 4" Diameter (or less)
Sale price: $15.00
Metalized Plastic Signs on Jumbo Chains to Hang on Airpots
Sale price: $11.95
Stainless Steel (1 mm) Signs on 24" Keychains to Label Servers
Sale price: $12.95
Table Tent Signs (3" X 1.75")  Heavy 18/10 Brushed Stainless Steel with Cutout Printing
Sale price: $11.95
Table Tent Signs (3" X 1.5")  18/10 Brushed Stainless Steel with Black Printing
Sale price: $9.95
A Metal Tray for (wet) Teabags! (Pan is 2" X 3")
Sale price: $3.95
A Ceramic Ivory Tray for (wet) Teabags! (Pan is 2.75" across)
Sale price: $3.95
2" Tea Ball Infuser Basket
Regular price: $1.25
Sale price: $0.99
Baratza Esatto - Grinds Coffee by Weight!
Sale price: $149.00
Keychains: Choose either Portafilter or Gunmetal Tamper
Sale price: $6.95
Large Silvery-Aluminum Keychain Tamper
Sale price: $9.95
Vietnamese Coffee Maker
Sale price: $8.95
SALE: IRMEL Glass Cannister w/Metal Dome (Holds 2 Cups of Beans or Sugar)
Regular price: $24.95
Sale price: $9.95
Clear Coffee Drip Strainer
Sale price: $9.95
Drip Coffee Making Set with Strainer, Rack, and Coffee Pot
Sale price: $25.95
Heavy White Ceramic Coffee Drip Strainer
Sale price: $14.95
Set of 16 Aluminum Stencils to add Designs to your Latte
Sale price: $27.95
Set of 16 Plastic Stencils for Patterning Powders on Latte
Sale price: $16.95
Turkish Coffee Kettle set (6 oz., 12 oz., 24 oz.) with 18/10 Stainless Steel & Bakelite Handles
Sale price: $26.95
La Pavoni Espresso Machine Base
Sale price: $209.00
Whipped Cream Dispensers and Chargers