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Thermal Containers Keep Coffee Hot from 2-8 Hours

Thermal Carafes

These are thermoses that will keep coffee or water hot for several hours. What kind of container do you need? These are ALL thermal structures with an inner thermal vessel surrounded by thermal insulation (or air), and protected by an outer (thermally insulating) shell. Plastic liners will keep contents hot for 2-3 hours; stainless-steel liners will stay hot for 3-6 hours; glass liners will give you 6-8 hours. Glass works the best, but it can break.

After our featured thermos, the first two categories are basic, high-quality thermoses. The second two larger vessels: the first being classic designs, and the second being contemporary. Read the descriptions. Some can only be washed by hand (which is why we offer brushes); others can go in the dishwasher. Make sure that you know what you are buying!

For top performance, you can choose standard thermal vessels in the first two categories. Many of these were designed for hospital use, and to take lots of wear and tear. These are attractive, and practical.