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Ribbed Terry 15" X 18.5" Barista Towels (Pack of 4)

Ribbed Barista Towels (Pack of 4)
Ribbed Barista Towels (Pack of 4)
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Product Description

These ribbed terry barista towels are made from 100% high grade absorbent cotton. Their unique narrow-ribbed construction offers much greater strength, durablity and longevity than other towels. They are 15" X 18.5" towels - essential for use with your espresso machine to keep the work area and steam wand clean.

As a barista, it's very inmportant to have strong hand towels available. They are essential for keeping the steam wands of your machine clean, and clear of baked-on milk. Immediately following every frothing operation done at your espresso machine, you should wipe the steam wand off with your towel while the milk is still liquid, before it bakes on. Then you should open the steam valve again to blow a jet of steam into the towel while the towel is covering the nozzle. This will clear any milk residue out of the nozzle. Then, as soon as you can handle the hot and slightly damp barista towel, wipe the wand down again to make sure that it's clear of milk. This is essential to keep your espresso machine in "mint condition."

Terry Cloth is a type of cloth that features loops and soft piles of yarns, resulting in very absorbent, moisture wicking material. Almost everyone recognizes Terry Cloth, and we most commonly see the material used for bath towels, hand towels and the like. The way the fabric is made is perfect for drying off after baths, showers, or swimming. And "Terry" (just "Terry," not "Terry Cloth") is a particular version of Terry Cloth.

There are several differences between Terry and Terry Cloth. First, Terry tends to feature looping and piling of the fabric on only one side of the cloth. The other side of Terry fabric has a flat unlooped back. Second, one of the most valuable features of Terry is its stretch. For this reason, "Terry" is frequently used for clothing, while "Terry Cloth" is more standard for tablecloths (which will be stationary).

These Terry Barista Towels are essential to keeping your operation clean, and your espresso machine in top condition. These towels are a must for any barista.