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Hario Buono 1.2 Liter Tea Kettle

Hario Buono 1.2 Liter Tea Kettle
Item# ES_10501
Sale price: $59.95

Product Description

The Hario Buono is a beautiful tea kettle that features a long gooseneck spout, which gives you excellent control when you want to get the best results from pour-over brewing, which requires that you control the flow of water precisely.

In addition to giving you better control and safety for brewing tea, it allows you to carefully do preinfusion of grounds for superior drip coffee. Note however, that if using it to boil water in on the stove, you shouldn't leave it unattended. The spout that allows outstanding pour control will gush water under high pressure.

The Hario Buono stovetop kettle has a heat-resistant easy-grip handle, which allows you to take it off the stove and pour boiling water safely. It's ideal for making tea, and for doing manual pourover brewing of coffee.