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The Benefits Of An Espresso Machine in Your Office

The Benefits Of An Espresso Machine in Your Office

Any business that tends to have customers waiting could benefit from installing commercial espresso machines. Car dealerships, mechanics, hair salons, spas, and doctorís offices among others can offer an espresso drink to entertain and satisfy their customers while they wait. Not only can being offered a gourmet drink improve the patience of people waiting for services, but it can add a bit of upscale ambience to your office. Depending on whether you get a standard or super automatic espresso machine, your staff wonít need to be trained baristas to offer fine coffees and hot beverages to waiting clients.

Improve Customer Mood

Many people get tired of waiting and impatient customers can walk out before you are ready for them and potentially cost your company a lot of money in sales. Having an automatic espresso machine can allow you and your staff to offer a selection of delicious drinks to those in the waiting room. Not only will your customers feel as if they are getting a special treat, but giving them something to do like sip on a beverage can improve their patience as well.

Almost No Special Skills Required

If you install an automatic machine for making espresso, all you need to do is press a button or two and the machine does the work for you. These are great for a busy office because you can offer a lovely drink to your customers without having to hire on a professional barista. Your staff can prepare the beverages on the run and still keep your waiting clients in a good mood! Donít want to invest in a super automatic machine? Even standard automatic espresso machines are relatively simple to use and staff can be easily trained in their operation in just a few hours. A standard machine takes more tending but the resulting beverage is just as good if not better than those produced by fully automated espresso machines.

Upscale Ambience

Espresso machines, commercial or home sized, can give your office a touch of elegance and class. People tend to associate espresso with luxury, and offering espresso as a beverage to your waiting clients can have a big impact on their impressions of your business. Leave all your customers feeling special by giving your business the means to offer special drinks to those who wait.

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