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About The Coffee Brewers

The Coffee Brewers has been one of the top suppliers in this business for over 10 years. We've got lots of experience and know-how, and connections throughout all aspects of the companies that make equipment and supplies for this industry. We are the only COMPLETE supplier out there: we've got a huge selection of equipment pertinent to ALL aspects of coffee & tea storage, preparation & service, both at home, and commercially.

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"How may we help you?"

Our business is evenly split between home customers and commercial coffee shops and restaurants, and also pretty evenly - in both sets of customers - between people that are new to coffee, espresso, and tea preparation, and coffee bars with professional baristas. We have the experience and expertise with which to advise professionals in this business on choosing the right equipment for their businesses. And we delight in offering that same level of expertise to the newcomer to the coffee & tea industry who just wants basic equipment for personal home use, or for a new small business.

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We can give you that advice in plain English, and can explain the reasons for our advice. Many people who are new to espresso have the idea that there is a "best" espresso machine. This is not true. Just like a car, or a pair of shoes, or a handbag, there is only a "best" espresso machine for your particular circumstances and lifestyle. At The Coffee Brewers, our main goal is to find the best equipment that matches your situation, your lifestyle, and your budget.we are happy.


Why Choose The Coffee Brewers?

4 BIG Reasons


In this business, we have it ALL! Our website has the broadest selection within the industry that supplies some of the largest selections of ALL aspects of coffee, espresso, and tea making equipment.

We have a HUGE selection of espresso machines, both for Home use and for Commercial use. These include Lever Espresso Machines, Semi-and-Full Automatic Espresso Machines, and Superautomatic Espresso Machines. In addition, we have:

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The Perfect Espresso Shot with a Thick Layer of Golden Brown Crema

We've got it all! We are the only 1-stop supplier in the business for your coffee equipment & tea equipment needs.

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We've been around longer than most. We've been one of the top websites in this business for nearly 10 years. (We were the top site before Google started selling spots to large department stores.) We've got lots of experience and know-how, and connections within the industry.


We've got tons of articles on our site that explain nearly every aspect of the business, the equipment, and the history and science behind making coffee and running a successful coffee business.


We offer financing!

Regular Price: $20.00
On Sale!: $10.00

We carry all of the equipment you'll ever need!

If you make and serve espresso, espresso based drinks, coffee, or tea, then we've got whatever you need. This includes:


Espresso Machines & Coffee Machines:

both commercial and home equipment, from standard espresso machines through superautomatics - we've got many selections and styles from all of the top brands.

Coffee Bins:

We carry a large selection of made-to-order stainless steel bins for holding coffee beans. We've got very large coffee bins for stores, and little ones of the same professional quality for your kitchen counter. We have front-loding bins, top-loading bins, single bins, double bins, triple bins.

Barista Supplies:

We carry knockboxes & barista towels, stencils & tools for latte art, whipped cream dispensers and syrup pouring equipment, scales for measuring ingredients, frothing pitchers, and frothing thermometers & spatulas.

Coffee Tampers:

We carry a huge selection of over 30 different coffee tampers, and a choice of tamper stands and tamping mats.

Demitasse Cups & Demitasse Spoons:

We carry about 30 different demitasse cups for your espresso, many with saucers, and about 40 different styles of 18/10 demitasse spoons.

Coffee Cups, Teacups, and Mugs:

We carry an assortment of over 100 different cups, from 2 ounces to 22 ounces, in all kinds of themes, colors, and materials. We've also got sugar bowls, and cream pitchers to match many of them.

Syrups & Sauces:

We carry four brands of syrups (about 100 flavors of each), and three brands of thick sauces for topping off your lattes, together with racks and dispensers for holding your syrups and being able to squirt small amounts without making a mess.

Airpots & Urns:

We carry over 30 kinds of airpots having different functions, uses, and appearances, and we've got several large urns for serving hot coffee, tea, cocoa, or cider at large events. We've also got holders, signs, racks, and drip trays for using with them all.

Pitchers & Carafes:

We carry nearly 50 kinds of pitchers and thermal carafes for personal and professional service. These work to keep your beverages hot (or cold), while at the same time looking beautiful as part of your decor.

Teapots, Tea Urns, and Tea Chests:

We carry about 25 styles of teapots, many of those coming in several sizes and several colors. These are teapots for every use: small teapots for personal use, and large sets of matching teapots for professional use. We also have 4 different large tea urns for big events, several tea chests for elegantly holding selections of packaged tea, tea balls for containing loose tea leaves when brewing tea in your cup, and miniature teabag trays for holding your teabags after brewing tea.

Takeout Supplies:

We carry a large selection of takeout cups, including 4 ounce thermal espresso cups, 8 ounce thermal coffee cups, and 12, 16 and 20 ounce thermal takeout cups for large coffees and teas, as well as cup lids and thermal jackets, wooden stir stix, and prepackaged sugar and creamer. These are good to have for personal use as well as professional sales.

Cleaning Supplies:

We carry all of the tools and cleaning supplies that you'll need to maintain your equipment and keep your work area clean. From Rinza, Cafiza, and Grindz, to countertop brushes, grouphead brushes, steam wand brushes, metal brushes, and grinder brushes. And we've got wrenches, stumpy screwdrivers, thread sealing tape, and petrogel. You name it, and we've got it!