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What is "Grindz?" How Should You Use it to Clean Your Coffee Ginder?

What is "Grindz?" How Should You Use it to Clean Your Coffee Ginder?

One 480-gram bottle of Grindz cleaning tablets is enough to clean a commercial coffee grinder for about six months. Grindz was the first and best cleaner developed for coffee grinders. Grindz is a proprietary mixture of grains, cereals, and pharmaceutical-grade binders formed into tablets that are the same size and shape as coffee beans.

In looking for new ways to help customers improve the taste of their coffee, Urnex developed the Grindz product to remove coffee oil residue from grinding surface so as to prevent it from contaminating future brews. Cleaning coffee grinders was always problematic, since water could not be used on the burrs.

If you tried to clean your coffee grinder with water, water would rust the grinding surfaces unless you first disassembled the grinder, then cleaned, fully dried, and lightly oiled the burrs, and then reassembled the grinder.

Doing this with any regularity is simply not practical. Disassebling and reassembling a grinder can be very difficult due to the small parts, and the precision required to correctly positioning the burrs. Grindz makes a very difficult problem easy.

When ground by your coffee grinder, Grindz gently dislodges coffee particles while also absorbing coffee oils and residues. Note that Grindz is not a chemical. All ingredients in a Grindz tablet are safe and edible (not that you would particularly enjoy them). The point is that using Grindz poses no risks if the residue is consumed. It is essentially flavor-neutral in coffee.

How to Use Grindz

The recommended dosage for commercial coffee grinders is 80 grams. One bottle holds six doses. Simply drop a dosage of Grindz into your hopper, and grind it. It is recommended that you adjust your grinder to a medium setting when cleaning with Grindz for best results. After grinding the Grindz tablets, pass about twice as much coffee (150 grams) through the machine to remove all traces of Grindz.

In a coffee shop, you should clean your grinder with Grindz once per month. One bottle will last six months if you have just one grinder. Many shops use two coffee grinders: one for unflavored coffees, and another for flavored coffees. This is so that extraneous flavors don't contaminate the pure coffee blends. If your shop has two coffee grinders, you should buy twice as much Grindz.

In fact, one of the things that Grindz is good for is in removing the residual scents and flavors left over from flavored coffees. If one of your staff accidentally uses the "unflavored" coffee grinder to grind a flavored coffee, you can clean it out with Grindz.

Just as your commercial espresso machine should be cleaned regularly, your commercial coffee grinder should be cleaned in the same manner so as to maintain the optimum grinding quality. Grindz offers an easy way to remove the coffee residue and oils deposited on the grinder burrs. The regular use of Grindz will increase the lifetime of your commercial coffee grinder, and reduce the frequency of repairs.

While Grindz seems expensive, it is a great investment in the long-term care of your commercial coffee grinder. Grindz will more than pay for itself in reducing down-time and servicing.

The dust created by using Grindz is harmless and flavor neutral, although after it has been ground, it has absorbed the residual oils that had been on the grinding surfaces, and those oils are likely rancid. Therefore, Grindz should be passed through your doser, fully ground, and then brushed out of the chamber. If you have trouble getting it all out, we recommend using a vacuum to clean out any tiny corners or nooks.

Store Grindz in a dry cool place with the lid securely in place. Each jar is marked with a "best before" date to suggest use within one year of production.

...written by your friends at The Coffee Brewers