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Elektra Nivola Semiautomatic Espresso Pod Machine (Red)

Elektra Nivola Semiautomatic Espresso Pod Machine (Red)
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Product Description

This Elektra Nivola semiautomatic espresso machine makes an interesting visual contrast. It comes in a modern looking glossy red made into a nostalgic retro shape. It comes complete with a plexiglass dome over a heated cup storage shelf that covers the water tank, and warms the espresso cups - like a professional espresso machine. The grids on the espresso machine are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

As mentioned, this "futuristic-retro" semiautomatic espresso machine features a heated cup storage platform that is similar to those in professional machines. The espresso machine will not allow extraction until the water is hot enough to prepare excellent espresso. Similarly, the espresso machine will ensure that the steam pressure is sufficiently high before it allows frothing - this guarantees a high-quality froth made with dry heat.

And when the water tank is empty, this espresso machine will give a warning, and will go into "standby" until you've added water. This protects your espresso machine. Adding water to the Electra Nivola is easy. Simply raise the cup-heating grid plate on your Electra Nivola espresso machine, and pour water into the tank.

This Elektra Nivola Semiautomatic espresso machine is made for POD use only. It was designed for easier operation, easier cleaning, and for use without the messes made by grinding, dosing, or pressing ground coffee for espresso.


  • Uses Espresso Pods only.
  • Measurements: 15" High x 12" Wide x 14" Deep.
  • Reservoir: 1.5 liters.
  • Power: 110 Volts, 1000 Watts, 15 Amps.
  • Weight: 19 pounds.
  • One year limited parts and labor warranty limited to manufacturer's defects.

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