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Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatic Espresso Machine (Chrome)

Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatic Espresso Machine (Chrome)

Product Description

This is a classic semiautomatic espresso machine featuring a beautiful chrome finish. The base, the water-dome top, and the main brewing cylinder are all done in chrome. This classic semiautomatic espresso machine is also topped with a chrome American Eagle.

Altogether, this semiautomatic espresso machine stands 23" high. This espresso machine has a 10" diameter base. It also has a sight-glass that indicates the level of water in the boiler. The pressure gauge (see photo) shows the pressure in the boiler.

The durable brass boiler provides excellent dry steam that makes a rich micro-foam. The espresso machine contains and Armour-plated 800 Watt heating element, and has an internal pressure regulator that automatically controls the water temperature. A built-in thermostat will prevent the machine from overheating if it is left "on" without water in it, but note that doing this can damage the heating element.

This espresso machine ships with the steam wand detached to prevent damage during shipping. The steam wand needs to be attached after the espresso machine is received, and this will require a crescent wrench. This espresso machine is for home use only. It is made in Italy.


  • Power: 110 volts only, 60 Hz, 15 Amps
  • Boiler capacity: 2 liters
  • Measurements: 23" Tall, and 10" in Diameter
  • Filter basket is 58 mm.
  • Weight: 26 lbs.

    Warranty Note: There is a one year parts and labor warranty limited to manufacturer's defect. It is very important to use soft water in these espresso machines. Hard water will eventaully damage these machines and cause them to malfunction. Elektra will not cover the parts warranty if the damage was caused by mineral buildup from hard water.

    It is also important to run these espresso machines with water at least 25% full in the sight glass. Running these models with a water level lower than this can cause heating element damage which will not be covered under warranty, as this is not a manufacturer's defect. If you return the unit with a damaged heating element, you will be charged for the repair, and the repair charge will be deducted from the credit.

    There is a safety feature on this espresso machine when water is not pumped into the boiler on initial startup. If this isn't done, the safety mechanism will shut the machine off, and the machine will have to be reset. On the bottom of the machine underneath the yellow cap there is a reset button for the safety thermostat.

    Note that the water in the boiler is not used to extract espresso directly, as it is typically too hot - it's used for steam. The water to extract espresso comes directly from the water reservoir and passes through a pipe in the bottom of the boiler for flash heating. If cold water passes through this pipe, the change in temperature will cause the boiler water (sight glass) to fluctuate. The only time the water level in the sight glass should change is when the steamer is used and the water level drops, or when the red button on the left hand side of the base is depressed and held to refill the boiler.

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