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Bezzera Matrix DE Automatic Espresso Machine

Bezzera Matrix DE Automatic Espresso Machine

Product Description

The Bezzera Matrix DE will light up any coffee bar with its full LED plexiglass side panels and RGB colors. The Matrix DE is a fully loaded flagship machine with an advanced touchscreen interface and a unique triple PID dual boiler brewing system.

This machine can run from its water tank, or you can remove the tank, and connect the input line to plumbing. That makes it portable, or not.

Its main features are:

  • Programable Volumetric Shot Counter - Equipped with a commercial grade flowmeter, the Duo DE allows for up to 4 different shot programs along with a manual override option.
  • RGB Plexiglass Body Panels - In true showstopper fashion, the Matrix DE has full RGB LED lit plexiglass side panels to light up any décor to a new level.
  • Triple PID brew system - Unlike most dual boilers, the Bezzera Duo DE has a third PID along with the steam and coffee boiler PIDs to control the electronically heated grouphead. This creates near perfect thermal stability to create the ideal shot of espresso.
  • Insulated cold touch steam wand - Insulated from top to bottom, the steam wand on the Duo DE remains cool to the touch even through prolonged steaming (Option of 4 or 2 hole steam tip).
  • Touchscreen Control - The advanced touchscreen on the Duo DE allows for a plethora of controls, such as pre-infusion, shot timer, auto on/off, automatic backflushing, and much more.
  • Joystick style steam/water wands - Commercial grade joystick actuators allow for precise control and increased longevity compared to twist knob steam/water wand mechanisms.
  • Barista lights - The Bezzera Duo DE has LED lights underneath the grouphead to illuminate your shot for perfect control night or day.