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La Pavoni ZIP Automatica Commercial Coffee Grinder

La Pavoni ZIP Automatica Commercial Coffee Grinder

Product Description

The La Pavoni ZIP Automatica commercial coffee grinder is an industrial-strength, 37 pound, 418 Watt heavyweight. It features a built-in scale that electrically weighs the dose as it's grinding, so that you can use it to grind each dose freshly without leaving extra in the chamber. The grinder has a 1 Kilogram (2.3 pounds) hopper capacity, and hardened-steel burrs with helical cutting blades.

The specifications of the La Pavoni ZIP commercial coffee grinder are:

  • Doser;
  • On-body tamper;
  • Hardened steel burrs with helical cutting blades;
  • 110/120 Volts at 50/60 Hertz;
  • 3.8 Amps and 418 Watts;
  • Weight is 32 pounds;
  • Dimensions are 8" wide X 13" deep X 21" high;
  • Hopper capacity is 2.3 pounds;