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6.5" Tall Iced-Coffee Spoons (Gold-Plated 18/10 Steel) "Golden Dragons" (Set of 6)

6.5" Tall Iced-Coffee  Spoons (Gold-Plated 18/10 Steel) "Golden Dragons" (Set of 6)
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Product Description

This set of 6 Golden Dragon demitasse spoons are long and straight, but they're gold plated. Unlike standard demitasse spoons which are usually between 4.4" and 5" long, these spoon are 6.5" long, which is about 1/3 longer than the standard demitasse spoon.

Since this is too long for a demitasse cup, these spoons are much more suited to (and tres elegant for) things like Irish Coffee.

These spoons are made of heavy weight gold-plated stainless steel. This spoon has a classic design - the handle having a smooth surface with a simple but elegant single ridge running around its perimeter.

As a gold-plated spoon, these will not rust, and will remain shiny, and will make an excellent addition to your home coffee bar. They are well balanced with an even weight distribution, and feel good in the hand. These are great spoons for serving with your larger espresso-based drinks that may be served in deeper glasses or cups. They also make elegant iced-tea spoons.

The detail in these extra long demitasse / iced-tea spoons is very cleanly articulated. You can tell that these are high-quality demitasse spoons by looking at them carefully - which you're sure to do once you see them.

Enjoy your demitasse, and enjoy your spoons! You can even enjoy these Golden Dragons with iced tea or Irish Coffee.