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Professional Flush-Mount (In-Counter) Frothing Pitcher Rinser w/5 ft. of Hose

Professional Flush-Mount (In-Counter) Frothing Pitcher Rinser w/5 ft. of Hose

Product Description

This is a very useful, yet simple appliance that allows a busy barista to keep their frothing pitchers clean. And not only does it clean out frothing pitchers, but it cools them off in a hurry - the way you want them for optimal frothing.

This rinser will clean any glass, pitcher, cup, shot glass, or coctail shaker by simply pushing it down on the center of the nozzle in its sink. If you look at the closeup photos, you'll see that the nozzle in the center of the appliance has little jets on top of it. When you push your pitcher face down on the hexagonal rods, the jets in the center of the star will blast the inside of your pitcher clean.

This in-counter rinser will be flush with your countertop. It connects to your COLD water, and to your drain with hoses that you’ll install. All you need to do is to cut the hole in your counter into which your rinser will sit. We recommend that you do this WITH your sink in hand – and a ruler - to make sure that you size the hole correctly.

Note that the press fittings in the water input valve to the sprayer are not meant to handle hot water. So ONLY connect this to a cold water pipe. The good news here is that as cold water rinses your pitcher out, it also cools it down – the way you’d like it to be when you begin to froth cold milk. To make high quality froth, it’s best to start with COLD milk in a COLD pitcher.

Because this rinser uses cold water, and it doesn't use soap, this rinser doesn't provide sterile cleaning - it is NOT meant as a cleaning appliance for glasses and cups that people drink out of. But it does provide a serious blast of water to rinse out things as you use them. Without this, you would likely not clean things like frothing pitchers between drinks anyway. This sink allows you to improve on that – and also to improve on your froth, since it makes the pitcher cold.

This in-counter washer is 6" by 5.5" (inner dimensions), lies even with your countertop, and the sink goes 2.5” below it. Any vessel up to 4.5" in diameter can be pushed down into this sink and rinsed out, but note that this rinser is meant primarily for frothing pitchers.

The hexagonal frame (onto which you push your face-down pitchers) operates the ON valve for the water spray. All you need to do is to push the frothing pitcher down onto the frame. This turns the water on. Remove it, and the water shuts off. This is a very handy and simple rinser. It's even good to use on clean pitchers, because it makes them cold - which is what you want for a high-quality froth.

The cold water input valve is a 3/8" Press Fitting connection. It will give you a water-tight seal just by clicking it into place. This does not require tools - you can do it by hand. The drain line is a standard 1/2" barb fitting - you'll simply push a rubber hose onto the nozzle, and run the hose into your sink.


  • Appliance is 6" X 5.5" square, and mounts into your countertop (you’ll need to cut the hole for it);
  • Will fit any glass, cup, or pitcher up to 4.5" in diameter;
  • After cutting a hole in your countertop to hold this sink, it "installs" merely by running a cold water line and a drain line to it;
  • The hexagonal arm-assembly has ridges along its arms to prevent your pitcher from moving around while it’s being cleaned;
  • The sink itself is stainless steel;
  • Cold water connector is a 3/8" press fitting (doesn't require tools to install);
  • USE COLD WATER ONLY; hot water will damage the press fitting;
  • Drain connector is a 1/2" barb fitting - simply push the drain hose onto it.