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FG14iX Milk Refrigerator for Two 1-Gallon Milk Jugs (2 outlets)

FG14iX Milk Refrigerator for Two 1-Gallon Milk Jugs (2 outlets)
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Product Description

This is an NSF-Certified commercial refrigerator for your milk sources. If you are getting a commercial espresso machine that has one or two milk inputs, and if you are using it professionally to make espresso-based drinks (e.g., cappuccino and latte), then your local Board of Health will likely require a commercial refrigerator for the milk to ensure that it stays fresh.

This refrigerator holds two 1-Gallon jugs of milk. The milk input tube(s) to your espresso machine(s) will go into this refrierator. That way, your espresso machine can draw from either milk line to make cappuccinos and lattes on demand. Some shops want to offer two kinds of milk for customers: whole milk and skim, regular milk and soy milk, regular milk and chocolate milk, etc. This is a real, 24-hour refrigerator with compressor cooling units. There is no need to empty it at closing.

The refrigerator opens at the front (see photo), which makes it easy to load and unload even when you've put the refrigerator under a counter. The refrigerator has six access holes for your milk tubes to enter: two on the top of it, and two on each side. This way, you can run the milk tubes into the refrigerator on either side, or on its top, whichever is most convenient depending on how you've chosen to place it. The refrigerator comes new with all of the access holes sealed with plastic plugs. Simply take out the two plugs that you choose for access, and insert the milk tubes.

The refrigerator allows you to set the temperature. The thermostat knob is on the back of the unit with the power switch. You can set the temperature to your liking, turn it on, and you're done! There's an NSF-Certified thermometer inside the refrigerator that will regulate the temperature as you've set it.

The refrigerator door seals magnetically to prevent it from opening by accident. In addition, there is a lock and key on the front of the unit. You can lock the door shut to prevent anyone (but you) from opening the refrigerator.

The body of this refrigerator has a stainless steel finish, and it has a polished steel door. It holds two 1-Gallon milk jugs into which you'll run your milk lines. The milk lines can enter the refrigerator from either side at heights of 13" and 14", or you can run them into the top of the refrigerator.


  • Width - 9 Inches
  • Depth - 21 Inches
  • Height - 16 Inches
  • Volume - 0.7 Cubic Feet
  • Weight (empty) - 37 Pounds
  • Power Switch and Thermostat Knob Located on Rear of Unit
  • Tube Holes Available on Top and Both Sides for Convenience
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Power Voltage: 110V - 120V, 60Hz
  • NSF Internal Thermometer
  • Both NSF and UL Certified