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FAEMA Barcode Superautomatic 1-Step Machine

FAEMA Barcode Superautomatic 1-Step Machine

The FAEMA Barcode is a small-footprint superautomatic machine that can make a large range of hot beverages - most being espresso-based. While it has the peak performance of any larger machine, it is meant for a moderate daily output of 100 (or so) hot drinks a day.

The FAEMA Barcode features an 8-switch front panel, which can be programmed to make 8 different drinks, or if one of the switches is used as a shift-key, it can be programmed to make 2X7 different drinks with the remaining 7 keys.

The FAEMA Barcode comes with 3 hoppers, two of which are for coffee beans (each holding 1.5 pounds), and the third being a split hopper for holding your choice of two powders (cocoa, vanilla, etc.). The split hopper holds two quarts of powder. Each coffee hopper has its own grinder.

The FAEMA Barcode features the FAEMA Cappuccinomatic technology, and is equipped with the FAEMA Milk Precision System (MilkPS) to make cappuccinos and lattes in 1-step, drawing milk from a milk-input line. This allows you to get consistent milk dosing, and customize the milk temperature for different beverages. You will need a milk refrigerator box if you use this feature commercially.

The drink output spout can be adjusted between 3 and 7 inches to fascillitate neat service into different types of serving vessels. The FAEMA Barcode has a small footprint, but has two boilers, so that it can provide hot water for extractions and steam simultaneously. The boilers are 1.1 liter and 0.9 liters, respectively, and the FAEMA Barcode uses Smart Boiler technology to boost the steaming capacity significantly.

As a compact, 1-step superautomatic machine, the FAEMA Barcode offers lots of versatility at a very reasonable price.

FAEMA Barcode Specifications:

  • Recommended daily output is 100 cups;
  • Output speed is 100 espressos or 140 cappuccinos per hour;
  • Drink selections is 1X8 or 2X7 (with 1 switch being a "shift key");
  • Two different hot water (temperature) selections;
  • Cappuccinomatic with the FAEMA MilkPS system for 1-step operation;
  • Two boilers (1.1 liter + 0.9 liter) with FAEMA Smartboiler technology;
  • Two coffee hoppers, each for 1.5 pounds of beans, with 2 grinders;
  • Powdered drink hopper split into 2 sections, each holding 0.9 liters of powder;
  • Width = 13.8";
  • Depth = 25";
  • Height = 26.5";
  • Weight = 110 pounds;
  • Voltage = 220;
  • Power = 2.3 KW.