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Espro Toroid Frothing Pitcher (20 oz.)

Espro Toroid Frothing Pitcher (20 oz.)

Product Description

Why the Espro Toroid What’s New?

The Espro Toroid was a new technology that was designed to optimize the circulation of milk when frothing. With the Espro Toroid frothing pitcher, you can produce a flawless microfoam with consistency. The spout on the Espro Toroid is shaped specifically for the controlled pouring of foam to make latte art. The Espro Toroid also has a broader handle that allows a very controlled and balanced pour, also needed for superior latte art.

Note that the Espro Toroid frothing pitcher is much more expensive than a standard frothing pitcher. It was tailor-made to enable you to make high-quality latte art. While it's a great frothing pitcher, it isn't an essential purchase if you're not using it for art. HOWEVER! The Espro Toroid is a different story…

The Espro Toroid

The Espro Toroid has taken the frothing pitcher to new heights! In addition to being an essential tool for great baristas, its shape causes torrential, albeit uniform flow with naturally induced eddy-currents that allow the novice (or untrained employees) to make professional quality foam. If you simply put the steam wand in the center of the Espro Toroid frothing pitcher, its shape naturally induces a uniform flow of the milk, which yields a thick and homogeneous foam. It requires no special technique!

This quote (from the net) summarizes this brilliantly: “It really should be called MICROFOAM FOR IDIOTS, because it makes it nearly impossible to screw up. The first time I used it, my microfoam went from amateur to excellent. Believe the hype, because this thing really works!"

Features of the Espro Toroid

There are five big reasons to take a look at the Espro Toroid. ALL of them simply give you a much better foam - for pros or amateurs who appreciate a good latte or a good cappuccino. A few of them give you an artistic edge for you serious baristas who might actually compete. But the fifth and biggest one is for EVERYONE - even if you don't drink coffee.

First, the Espro Toroid takes frothing to a new level. It features a new handle that’s both larger and sturdier than those of the original Toroid. In fact, the handle on the new Toroid is nearly twice the size of the handle on the original. Because of this, it allows your hand even more thermal insulation from the heat of the pitcher itself, and it gives you much better control: an essential feature if you are doing latte art. The handle is connected to the pitcher with SIX welds to ensure that this pitcher will last forever – even with the heaviest of use.

Second, the Espro Toroid has Easy-Read fill lines (see inset photo). These precise fill lines make it easy to have a reproducible volume to make a consistent cappuccino. These lines are prominent, and easy to read both inside and outside the frothing pitcher.

Third, Espro has improved the pour spout and made it even sharper (see inset photo). In a pour, this forces the milk and the foam to merge consistently, so that you can pour with much greater precision than before. If you are simply using this as “a frothing pitcher,” you won’t really care about this. But if you are doing serious latte art, it’s a huge improvement.

Fourth, note the new bump! (See inset photo.) What this bump does is to insure eddy currents that induce a toroidal flow within the pitcher. For those that understand fluid flow, this means that these currents return to the steam wand (see photo again) and AMPLIFY the steam flow. This means that even if your steam source is pour, you can get a very strong agitation in the induced flow to give you rich and thick foam anyway! To get the best result, you should aim the steam tip directly at the bump! Got it?

Fifth, and best of all, the Espro Toroid has a super glossy finish. Wow! It’s simply gorgeous. A work of art: beautiful to have in your home or office, even if you just drink straight espresso!