Caravel Espresso Machines

Caravel Espresso Machines

Caravelle machines are made by Fiamma in Portugal.

Fiamma Espresso machines are world renowned for their designs and ease of use. The Caravel 2 and 3 group full size commercial Espresso/Cappuccino machines come with direct water hook-up, traditional single boiler systems, programmable drink and hot water portions, and automatic cleaning program for the groups.

The E61 Groups also come with Fiamma's static pre-infusion chamber. Volumetric keypads allow you to choose 4 cup sizes with an automatic stop feature.

The groups have 6.5" clearance, and there are shelves that slide out beneath the groups that fascillitate pulling espresso shots.

Features a stainless steel metal body with copper boilers. The 2-group boiler is 11 liters, and the 3-group boiler is 17 liters.

Machines are 25.5" deep, and 21" high. The 2-group machine is 26.5" wide, and the 3-group machine is 35" wide. Both run at 220 Volts. The 2-group machine takes 3700 Watts and the 3-group machine takkes 5200 Watts. The 2-group machine weighs 117 pounds, and the 3-group machine weighs 168 pounds.

The top of the machine features a cup-warming tray.

The 2-group machine comes with an 8-liter softener, and the 3-group machine comes with a 12-liter softener.