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Espresso Bar in a Box (La Pavoni Espresso Machine, Grinder, Misc. Supplies)

Espresso Bar in a Box (La Pavoni Espresso Machine, Grinder, Misc. Supplies)

Product Description

For your convenience and savings, we have bundled your choice of La Pavoni Pub commercial espresso machines together with a La Pavoni Zip commercial coffee grinder, and all of the supplies that you'll need to run an espresso bar.

What we've done for you in this package is to bundle in the basic accessories you will need to provide a basic commercial espresso service together with a solid no-frills commercial espresso machine at a savings. Note that there are 3 models of La Pavoni Pub commercial espresso machines to choose from.

Note that if you choose to serve both regular and decaffeinated espresso, it would be best to order an additional Zip grinder with your package. This way, you can use one for regular and the other for decaf. (It is not realistic to switch hoppers and empty the dosing chamber when you want to make decaf.) If you intend to offer decaf, it is best to get a second grinder. Many shops that do this get one grinder in red (for decaf) and the other in black (for regular) so that they never make mistakes.

The basic package price includes the "1EM" machine, which is a simple 1-group semiautomatic pourover machine. The pourover is filled manually, so there is not connection to plumbing. Or, you can get either of two plumbed models: a 1-group or a 2-group; both fully automatic. Note that both 1-group models (the semiautomatic pourover and the fully automatic plumbed model) operate with standard 110-120 Volt service; the 2-group model requires 220 Volt service.

Notice that the 1EM machine basically does not require any installation, because it does not require plumbing, and it runs on standard voltage. You can choose the other La Pavoni Pub espresso machines using the dropdown menu.

Your "La Pavoni Pub Espresso Shop in a Box" contains:

  • Your Choice of La Pavoni Pub Commercial Espresso Machine;
  • A La Pavoni ZIP commercial coffee grinder;
  • A stainless steel knockbox;
  • A stainless steel coffee tamper;
  • Two 18-ounce frothing pitchers;
  • A frothing thermometer;
  • A Pastry Spatula;
  • A stainless steel cocoa powder shaker;
  • One bottle Cafiza espresso machine cleaning powder.

Make sure to read the text in the "La Pavoni Pub Commercial Espresso Machines" section of our "Commercial Espresso Machines" section. This will explain the features of the La Pavoni Pub commercial espresso machine, and it will explain what we will do to get your machine installed for you, and how you will need to prepare for that.

Please call before ordering so that we can confirm our stock, and give you a definite idea of when we can get your package delivered to you.