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Ascaso I-1 Espresso Grinder (Flat Grinding Wheels)

Ascaso I-1 Espresso Grinder (Flat Grinding Wheels)

Product Description

Ascaso has two types of grinders - the I-1 and the I-2. The I-1 grinder is a flat wheel grinder and the I-2 is a conical (cone shape) wheel grinder. The I-1D or the I-2D is the grinder with a doser (without the "D", it is doserless).

Ascaso grinders are the only grinders using the Micrometric Regulation System (MRS) which control the quality and consistency of the coffee grinds. The MRS system enables the user to make precise adjustments to the grind setting, ensuring your espresso will be perfect every time!

Easy Operation

A button on the side of the grinder controls the main power. A spring-loaded on/off button just underneath the coffee chute, allows the user the easily turn the grinder on by pressing against it. Easily fill your canisters or coffee holder by holding it against the button and when removed, the grinder will stop grinding.

Large Coffee Bean Hopper

The hopper on this machine will hold up to 1.3 pounds of coffee! No need to constantly fill the hopper with beans with this kind of capacity. Made of clear shatter-resistant plastic. Holds enough beans to make about 60 espressos.

Easy Cleaning

This machine is a cinch to clean. Simply remove the bean hopper and cover to expose the grinding chamber, and brush away built-up coffee grounds from the main cutting wheel. Routine cleaning is an important part of keeping your grinder in tip-top condition for many trouble-free years.

Product Specifications:

  • Power: 250Watts; 120 Volts
  • RPM: 700
  • 600 gram hopper capacity
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs.
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 16.25"Hx6.4"Wx10.5"D
  • MRS (Micometric Regulation System) ensures excellent precision grind
  • Coffee shute funnels coffee directly from chamber into holder or container
  • Color: Polished Aluminum or Dark Black
  • One year warranty

      Additional Notes:

      Please note that the Ascaso grinder is to be used for grinding coffee beans only. It is not intended to be used for grinding other items/foods. We will not accept any returns under our return policy if this grinder was used to grind anything other than coffee beans.

      Please note the bean hopper requires a little force and shimmying to get the aforementioned height. If the user only places the bean hopper into the grinding chamber without pushing, the unit height will be up to 17".

      On doser versions of this grinder, please note that the doser cannot be removed.

      Also, the instruction manual is printed for multiple versions of this grinder. Some features/instructions may not apply to the particular grinder you purchased.