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Tools and Cleaners

Tools and Cleaners

These are the basic cleaning agents that you will need to keep your espresso machine and other equipment clean.

Keeping your equipment clean will keep the quality of your coffee and espresso-based drinks high, and consistent. And very importantly, if your equipment and workspace looks clean, your customers and/or guests will find your coffee selections much more appealing. A high quality espresso machine is a big investment. Make it work optimally, and make it last!

Standard Group Brush
Sale price: $4.25
Angled Group Brush with Broad Thumb-Base
Sale price: $8.95
Jumbo Angled Group Brush with Cafiza Scoop
Sale price: $10.95
Pallo Group Brush
Sale price: $12.95
Replacement Heads (3)
Sale price: $11.95
Heavy Duty Concept Art Group Brush (with extra cleaning head)
Sale price: $15.29
Steam Wand Brush with 4.5 mm Bristles (12 inches)
Sale price: $2.55
Steam Wand Brush with 6 mm Bristles (12 inches)
Sale price: $3.29
Pallo Steam Wand Brush (Standard 7") with 6 mm Bristles
Sale price: $6.25
Pallo Steam Wand Brush (Standard 7") with  7.5 mm Bristles
Sale price: $6.25
1/4" (6.35 mm) Diameter Nylon Equipment Brush
Sale price: $3.49
1/2" (12.7 mm) Diameter Nylon Equipment Brush
Sale price: $4.29
5/8" (16 mm.) Diameter Nylon Equipment Brush
Sale price: $5.29
Full-Sized Brush (12") for Commercial Coffee Grinders
Sale price: $9.95
Coffee Grinder Brush (7.5") with Carved Contours for Home Grinders
Sale price: $7.95
Pallo Grinder Minder Brush
Sale price: $13.25
General Purpose Nylon Brush
Sale price: $2.29
General Purpose Brass Brush
Sale price: $2.29
General Purpose Steel Brush
Sale price: $2.29
General Purpose Angled Nylon Brush
Sale price: $2.49
General Purpose Angled Brass Brush
Sale price: $2.49
General Purpose Angled Steel Brush
Sale price: $2.49
Jumbo Nylon Brush
Sale price: $2.89
Jumbo Brass Brush
Sale price: $2.89
Jumbo Steel Brush
Sale price: $2.89
Circular Grouphead Cleaning Brush (56-58 mm.)
Sale price: $14.55
Countertop Straight Brush (4" Wide)
Sale price: $7.95
Countertop Sweeper & Hand-Broom (5.5" Wide)
Sale price: $8.95
Fine Horsehair Countertop Hand-Broom (8" Wide)
Sale price: $15.95
Curved Coffeepot Brush
Sale price: $6.59
Canister Sponge Brushes (2" Diameter Sponge, 10" Long)
Sale price: $3.99
Long Sponge Brush (12" Handle & 4" Diameter Sponge) for Airpots
Sale price: $7.29
16" Airpot Brush with Soft Bristles - Fits Any Airpot
Sale price: $14.25
Nylon Scouring Pads (6" X 9") - Pack of 6
Sale price: $5.99
Three 58 mm-wide (2.25 inch) Sponges that Fit Your Portafilter or Thermos
Sale price: $3.75
Ribbed Barista Towels (Pack of 4)
Sale price: $4.49
Black Microfiber Towel (16" X 16")
Sale price: $3.49
Petrogel Lubricant (4 oz.)
Sale price: $7.49
Thread Seal Tape (1/2" Thick X 520 ft.)
Sale price: $2.19
Hard Rubber Portafilter Insert (50 mm. Diameter) for Backwashing
Sale price: $2.95
Blind Filter for Backwashing (58 mm.)
Sale price: $4.85
Reversible Shaft Stumpy Screwdriver (3" Long) in Red, Green, or Orange
Sale price: $4.25
4-Piece Small Screwdriver Set
Sale price: $4.95
3" Mirror on Hinged Handle with 3X Magnification
Sale price: $4.95
Pallo Caffeine Wrench
Sale price: $10.85
Magnetic Tray (5" X 9") to Hold Screws and Parts while Cleaning
Sale price: $8.95
General Purpose Pick
Sale price: $7.95
Cleancaf Cleaner (3 Applications)
Sale price: $9.59
Cafiza Tablets (8) for Superautomatics
Sale price: $6.29
Grindz for Home Use: 3 Packs of 35 Grams Each
Sale price: $9.65
Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner (20 Ounce Bottle)
Sale price: $14.95
Rinza Milk Frothing Cleaner (1 Liter Bottle)
Sale price: $28.95
Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner (430 Gram Bottle)
Sale price: $25.45
Group Steam Cleaner Wand (Attaches to Espresso Machine's Steam Wand)
Sale price: $85.95
Pressure Gauge (Fits onto Portafilter with 3/8" Diameter)
Sale price: $23.50

It's essential to keep your espresso machine free of mineral scales to avoid breakdowns. Read our article on cleaning the group on your espresso machine for a "how to" guide.

You should also clean your coffee grinder regularly to keep it in good working condition, and to remove the accumulation of coffee oils, which will become rancid over time. And while you should purge the steam wands of your espresso machine after each use, the buildup of milk films will occur in the wands because of the siphoning action of the steam as the wand is shut off. Therefore, your frothing wands should also be cleaned occasionally. See our article on how the water system works in your espresso machine for a basic "how to" guide.

Cleancaf is for cleaning your drip coffee maker. Cafiza is the standard cleaner used for espresso machines. Grindz tablets are a special formulation for cleaning coffee grinders. And Rinza Milk Frothing Cleaner was specifically designed to break down milk proteins, and is used to clean the steam wands of your espresso machine, And your frothing pitchers.